April 28, 2012


Hor-gtsang criticizes dGe-chos for translating the title Dharmapada as Chos kyi tshigs su bcad pa. See his Drang bden gyis bslus pa’i slong mo ba (p. 202). His assumption is that only kārikā can be translated as tshigs su bcad pa and that it is wrong to translate pada as such. But even a dictionary meaning seems to suggest that it is fully correct to translate pada as tshigs su bcad pa insofar as it is said to mean also “a portion of a verse, quarter or line of a stanza” (MW, s.v.). dGe-chos could have translated pada as tshig rkang but tshigs su bcad pa sounds more elegant. The criticism, in my view, is unfounded.

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