August 25, 2012


Tshe-tan-zhabs-drung (Thon mi’i zhal lung, pp. 4, 9, 11) alludes to a certain Dam chos glegs bam sgrub tshul by Bod-mkhas-pa. But evidently he did not have access to it for he is citing from a work (i.e. Yi ge’i bshad pa) by mDo-mkhar-ba Tshe-ring-dbang-rgyal. TBRC does not seem to have it. It must be an interesting work and is yet to be discovered?


  1. Bod mkhas pa Mi pham dge legs rnam rgyal (1618-1685), Dam pa'i chos glegs bam du ji ltar sgrub tshul rnam bshad tshogs gnyis rin chen 'byung gnas.
    — Title listed in Pho brang po ta la do dam khru'u rig dngos zhib 'jug khang, Pho brang po ta lar tshags pa'i bka' brgyud pa'i gsung 'bum dkar chag, Bod ljongs mi dmangs dpe skrun khang (Lhasa 2007), p. 280. This title takes up 30 manuscript folios in vol. 1 of 3 vols. of his collected works, which you ought to check out next time you're in the Potala library. (Do they allow you to check out books?) (insert silly face)

  2. Thank you. So it does exist. How do we get to read it?

  3. I recommend to astral travel through the etheric spheres to consult the akashik record. Seems simpler than the alternative. You're welcomed. Bod-mkhas-pa has other fascinating works if we could only see them in one body or another.