December 21, 2011



Let us consider the various words and phrases with gtan: sgo gtan (“door anvil”), bsam gtan (“concentration”), gtan nas (“totally”), gtan du (“for ever”), gtan tshigs (“reason”), gtan la 'bebs (lit. “to bring down to anvil,” i.e. establish), gtan gyi grogs po = gtan grogs (“permanent friend”). The meaning or quality of “steadiness” or “stability” or “firmness” seems to be common to all. Cf. rtag brtan, tan (as in yon tan and nan tan), stan, and so on. Cf. dGe chos gsung ’bum (vol. 5, p. 75): gtan tshig (sic) ni | brtan por byed pa’i tshig (sic) |.

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