January 01, 2012



The primary meaning of tshang must certainly be “nest” but as in the case of the English word nest, it can also have several nuances. It could mean a roost, den, burrow, sty, retreat, shelter, refuge, den, breeding ground, and so on.

1. grwa tshang “monastery”
2. stag tshang “tiger’s den”
3. gzig tshang “leopard’s den”
4. phag tshang (Jäschke 1881: s.v. phag) “pig-sty”
5. bya/byi’u tshang “nest” or “roost”
6. bza’ tshang “family”
7. sbrang tshang “bee-hive”
8. shag tshang “monastic cell”
9. sbal tshang “breeding ground of frogs/toads
10. khyim tshang “family”
11. yig tshang “office” (lit. “nest of documents”)
12. mi tshang “household” or “family”
13. dpon tshang “royal family” or “royal residence”
14. be’u tshang “calf’s placenta”
15. thab tshang “kitchen”

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