January 03, 2012


tha snyad: 

According to late rGan Padma-rgyal-mtshan (from CIHTS, Sarnath), the etymology of tha snyad, the Tibetan word for “appellation,” “etymology,” “terminology,” or “convention” is the “final/ultimate explanation or expression” (tha ma’i bshad pa). Incidentally note that also the word “term” is said to be derived from Latin terminus “end, boundary, limit.”

One could perhaps render tha snyad as “terminological, conceptual, or transactional convention.” But what could be its etymology? Possibly tha here means “final (i.e. finalised and fixed)” and snyad “expression, articulation, or communication.”

What about tha tshig? Obviously it is used (a) in the sense of tha snyad and (b) in the sense of dam tshig  or dam bca’ “commitment.”

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