January 11, 2012


ngo mtshar:

If we take ngo—in ngo mtshar che ba “to be wonderful/marvellous/amazing” (as a verb) and ngo tshar chen po “wonderful/marvellous/amazing” (as an adjective) or “wonder, marvel” or “something that is wonderful” (noun)—to mean “visage/face,” what could mtshar ba mean? I wonder if mtshar can also be a verb (seems to be recorded nowhere as such), that is, a intransitive and heteronomous verb meaning something like “to sparkle/glisten/glimmer/glow.” Consider the following expression: ’ja’ kha dog mtshar yang snying po med “Although rainbow sparkles (or is sparkling/dazzling) in colour, [it] is essence-less.” Perhaps ngo mtshar could mean “a quality  that cause one’s face (ngo) to radiate/glow (mtshar)” or “that which has a sparkling/dazzling facade/frontage/appearance.” Cf. also khyad mtshar & nyams mtshar. 

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