January 16, 2012


glo bur du:

What may be the etymology of glo bur du “suddenly, instantaneously” (adverb)? Perhaps “in the manner of popping up (bur) in the lung/mind or on the side (glo).” That which pops up in the mind/lung is glo bur ba “adventitious” (adjective or substantive).


  1. I think you're speculating rightly. I did come across one instance of usage that still puzzles me a little, in the lDe'u History, p. 291 (the old printing, not the 2010 reprint, which has different page nos.). From context I think it ought to mean some kind of wall of a house that protrudes further out than the wall proper... a projecting wall, an extending wall. Something like that! What do you think? Have you noticed instances of the adverbial form as glo-bur-gyis as well as glo-bur-du?

  2. No, I did not come across glo bur gyis but yum gyi glo g.yas nas zhugs “entered from the side of [his] mother” and glo g.yas nas bltams “born from the side of [his] mother,” referring to the conception and birth of the historical Buddha.

  3. •KAG GIS — glo bur gyis dang myur bas so.

    An entry from the Chödag dictionary.