January 06, 2012


The name Pe-har in Pe-har-rgyal-po,* a deity perhaps originally associated with the bSam-yas temple, is said to be derived (or corrupted) from Sanskrit vihāra. Tshe-tan-zhabs-drung refers to the Li gur (i.e. Li shi’i gur khang), where it is spelt dpe har. See the Thon mi’i dgongs rgyan (p. 212). Also note that the name of the Indian state of Bihar, too, is said to be derived from vihāra. See also the brDa dkrol (s.v. dpe dkar), where dpe dkar is said to mean gtsug lag khang, which suggest that it, too, is derived from vihāra*Tshig mdzod chen mo (s.v. pe har rgyal po): slob dpon pad ma ’byung gnas kyis dam la btags shing bod sa gnas srid gzhung gis bsten pa’i lha gtso bo zhig.

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