January 14, 2012



“neither ‘x’ nor ‘y’ but somehow (is or appears to be) both”

1.      ’khyug ma tshugs “neither-cursive-nor-printed” (Bod rgya)
2.      bya ma bum “neither-bird-nor-vase,” i.e. a special vase (Bod rgya)
3.      bya ma bye’u “neither-bird-nor-chick” (Bod rgya)
4.      bya ma byi “neither-bird-nor-cat,” i.e. bat (Bod rgya)
5.      cha ma ya “neither-pair-nor-piece” (Bod rgya)
6.      dkar ma nag “neither-white-nor-black” (Bod rgya)
7.      gangs ma char “neither-snow-nor-rain” (Bod rgya)
8.      gsa’ ma gzig “neither-gsa’?-nor-leopard”? (Bod rgya)
9.      gzhas ma shags “neither-song-nor-quarrel” (Bod rgya)
10.   kha ma char “neither-snow-nor-rain” (Bod rgya)
11.   khrag ma rnag “neither-blood-nor-puss” (Bod rgya)
12.   ra ma lug “neither-goat-nor-sheep” (Bod rgya)
13.   rong ma ’brog “neither-valley-nor-highland”? (Bod rgya)  
14.   sa ma ’brog “neither-field-nor-highland”? (Bod rgya)
15.   sa ma rdo “neither-soil-nor-stone” (Bod rgya)
16.   sha ma tshil “neither-meat-nor-fat” (Bod rgya)
17.   ya ma zung “neither-single-nor-pair” (Bod rgya)
18.   yul ma ’brog “neither-village-nor-pastureland” (Bod rgya)
19.   bya ma rta “neither-bird-nor-horse,” a messenger, or a spy?

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  1. It seems to be the same in English. For example, "He was neither man nor beast" can be taken to mean "he cannot be called either a man or a beast, because he has elements of both man and beast."