February 11, 2012

བྱེད་སྒྲ་ + བྱ་ཚིག །

Some verbs that are construed with the instrumental: 

(a) x + gyis + (mi) lang ba (lit. “to be (not) sufficiently x-able”)
1. brjod kyis mi lang ba “not sufficiently expressible” or “inexpressible” {Bod rgya}
2. bstod kyis mi lang ba “not sufficiently laudable” {Bod rgya}
3. bgrang gis mi langs pa “not sufficiently countable” {Bod rgya}

(b) x + gyis + chog (mi) shes pa (lit. “to know (no) contentment with x”) {Bod rgya}
1. zas gos gnas mal sogs ngan ngon tsam gyis chog shes pa {Bod rgya}
2. blta bas chog mi shes pa {Bod rgya}
3. lta bas chog mi shes pa’i rdzas {Jäschke 1881: s.v. chog pa}

(c) x + gyis+ chog pa (lit. “to suffice with x”)
1. nged la de kas chog {Jäschke 1881: s.v. chog pa}
2. dris pas chog go {Jäschke 1881: s.v. chog pa}
3. nged la nor longs spyod kyis chog pa yod {Jäschke 1881: s.v. chog pa}
4. ’di gsum gyis chog na {Jäschke 1881: s.v. chog pa}
5. rin po ches chog par gyur nas {Jäschke 1881: s.v. chog pa}
6. ’di tsam gyis chog pa ma yin no || {Jäschke 1881: s.v. chog pa}
7. phyin pas chog gi {Jäschke 1881: s.v. chog pa}
8. khrid pas chog {Jäschke 1881: s.v. chog pa}
9. ’gran pas chog {Jäschke 1881: s.v. chog pa}
10. ’tsho ba drans pas chog {Jäschke 1881: s.v. chog pa}
11. ha cang spros pas chog go ||

(d) (mi) ldang ba
 1. ’bor tshad kyis mi ldang ba {Bod rgya}

(e) (mi) khyab pa
1. bsam gyis mi khyab pa {Bod rgya}

(f) (mi) tshad pa
1. bsam ’char re re gnyis gnyis kyis mi tshad pa {Bod rgya}
2. de tsam gyis mi tshad {Bod rgya}

(g) gtsos pa
1. nas kyis gtsos pa’i ’bru rigs {Bod rgya}
2. bal gyis gtsos pa’i yul zog {Bod rgya}

(h) ’thus pa
1. lto gos bzang ngan de tsam gyis ’thus {Bod rgya}
2. bshad pas ’thus {Bod rgya}
3. sman ’di btung bas ’thus {Bod rgya}

(i) ’grig pa
1. de ring ’khrid rgyu’i dpe cha de ga tsam gyis ’grig {Bod rgya}

(j) tshim pa
1. zas kyis tshim pa “satiated with food” {Bod rgya}

(k) khengs pa
1. bang mdzod bdog pas khengs pa “treasury filled with riches/reserves/assets” {Bod rgya}

(l) x + gyis + gang ba “to be filled with x”
1. bum pa chus gang ba “a vase/pot filled with water” {Bod rgya}

(m) x + gyis + stong pa “to be empty of x”
1. chos thams cad rang bzhin gyis stong pa’o || “All phenomena are devoid of true nature” {Bod rgya}

(n) x + gyis + dben pa “to be devoid of x”
1. snying pos dben pa “to be devoid of essence” {Bod rgya}
2. nor ’khrul gyis dben pa “to be devoid of mistakes” {Bod rgya}

(o) x + gyis + mnar ba “to suffer from x”
1. nad kyis mnar ba “to suffer from sickness”

(p) x + gyis + gzir ba “to be afflicted with x”
1. mya ngan gyis gzir ba “to be afflicted with grief/sorrow”

(q) x + gyis + bsnyun pa “to suffer from x”
1. nad kyis bsnyun “to suffer from sickness” {Si tu’i ’grel chen, p. 69}

(r) x + gyis + mtshon pa “to be exemplified by x”
1.  des mtshon “exemplified by it” {Si tu’i ’grel chen, p. 68}

(s) x + gyis + ’tsho ba “to survive/live on x”
1. nya yis ’tsho ba “to sustain/live on fish” {Bod rgya}

(t) x+ gyis + brgyan pa “to be adorned with x”

(u)  ’gal gyis dogs “for fear of contradicting” and zhig gis dogs “for fear of falling apart” (RZ 2: 209)

(v) + gyis bskal pa:  
rang bzhin gyis bskal pa “far-removed by nature [from the domain of cognition]”
gnas kyis bskal pa “spatially far-removed [from the domain of cognition]”
dus kyis bskal pa “temporally far-removed [from the domain of cognition]”

(w) + gyis bar chod (RZ 2: 208)

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