March 11, 2012


Parts of the Body:

If the name a part of the body (or its secretion) is spelt with a prescript (sngon ’jug), that prescript must be m. Most of these words have been listed in Beyer 1992: 115.

1. mgo “head”
2. mshogs ma “fontanelle”
3. mchu “lips”
4. mgal “jaw”
5. mtshul pa “lower part of the face; lips and nose”
6. mgul pa “throat”
7. mjing pa “neck”
8. mgrin pa “neck”
9. mdan pa (= ’gram pa) “cheeks”
10. mdangs “complexion”
11. mchan khung “armpit”
12. mchin pa “liver”
13. mkhal ma “kidney”
14. mkhris pa “bile”
15. mcher pa “spleen”
16. mchil ma “tears”
17. mdzub mo (a) “finger,” (b) “forefinger”
18. mthe bong “thumb”
19. mthe’u chung “little finger”
20. mche ba “canine tooth”
21. mje “male genital”
22. mdoms “(male and female) private parts”
23. (pho/mo) mtshan “(male/female) genital”
24. mngal “womb”
25. mjug “hind part”
26. mjug ma “tail”
27. mdzer pa “warts”
28. (lag) mthil “palm”
29. (rkang) mthil “(foot) sole”

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