October 31, 2012

+ བརྙན།

1. gzugs brnyan “image, reflection” (Bod.rgya)
2. sku brnyan “image” (Bod.rgya)
3. snang brnyan “image” (Bod.rgya)
4. grib brnyan “shadow” (Bod.rgya)
5. mgo brnyan “mask” (Bod.rgya)
6. skra brnyan “wig” (Bod.rgya)
7. sgra brnyan “echo” (Bod.rgya)
8. sgron brnyan “shawdow cast by lamp” (Bod.rgya)
9. nyi brnyan “reflection of the sun (in water)” (Bod.rgya)
10. phyag brnyan (archaic) “attendent” (Bod.rgya)
11. glog brnyan “film/cinema” (Bod.rgya)
12. ’dra brnyan “image” (Bod.rgya)
13. gdong brnyan “mask” (Bod.rgya)

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