November 09, 2012


“What’s in a name? That which we call ‘Mount Everest’ 
By any other name would be as high.”

The highest mountain on earth is popularly known as “Mount Everest.” And occasionally we come across Tibetan names of the mountain spelt Chomolungma” and “Qomolangma.” The Tibetan name of the mountain does not seem to be disfigured beyond the point of recognition. Some Tibetans names of the mountain are:
1. Jo-mo-glang-ma (Bod.rgya)
2. Jo-mo-glang-ma-ri (Bod.rgya) 
3. Glang-ma-ri (Bod.rgya)
4. Gangs mThon-mthing-rgyal-mo (Bod.rgya), named after the chief residing deity 
5. Jo-mo-gangs-dkar (Bod.rgya)
6. Jo-mo-gangs-can-ri (Bod.rgya)
Jo-mo-glang-ma is believed to be the abode of Tshe-ring-mched-lnga, deities consisting of five sisters.  

mGon-po-dbang-rgyal, Chos kyi rnam grangs (p. 314): 11 famous mountains in Tibet.  
mGon-po-dbang-rgyal, Chos kyi rnam grangs (p. 294): 10 famous lakes in Tibet.  
mGon-po-dbang-rgyal, Chos kyi rnam grangs (p. 238): mtsho chen brgyad.

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