March 16, 2013

ལྷ་ཧ་ལས་པ་དང་། མི་ཡིད་ཆེས་པ། འདྲེ་ཁོ་ཐག་ཆོད་པ།

I find Tshe-tan-zhabs-drung’s following expression quite hilarious: “in the manner of [causing] gods to be astounded, humans to be convinced, maligned spirits to feel ascertained” (lha ha las pa dang | mi yid ches pa | ’dre kho thag chod pa’i tshul gyis). See his Thon mi’i zhal lung (p. 159). Note that kho thag chod pa (in rDzong-kha and Tshangs-lha) can mean “to despair” or “to be sad.”

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