March 06, 2013


§1. References to the Man ngag lta phreng in gNubs-chen’s bSam gtan mig sgron (pp. 192, 196, 207). References to  (most probably) Padmasambhava in gNubs-chen’s bSam gtan mig sgron (pp. 6, 11, 223x2),  277—quite certain).

§2. Some references to Padmasambhava by Rong-zom-pa: RZ 1: 195, 351; to Man ngag lta phreng (RZ 2: 47, 118, 195). His lTa phreng ’grel pa is perhaps the earliest of its kind.

§3. Zhabs btags ma (p. 48): Padmasambhava taught shortly before his departure!

§4. A gter ma hagiography of Padmasambhava (Chos rgyal bka’ lung, p. 288):  de nas o rgyan mkhan po pad ’byung gis % rgol byed man ngag lta ba’i phreng ba gsungs % (It is as though Padmasambhava composed it for refuting the Hwa-shang opponents in the bSam-yas debate.)

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