January 05, 2014

སྐད་ཆ་རིང་ན་འཆལ་འགྲོ། །སྐུད་པ་རིང་ན་ཆད་འགྲོ། །

skad cha ring na ’chal ’gro ||
skud pa ring na chad ’gro || 

bsTan-go, Ming brda rig pa (p. 199)

If the talk is long, it would trail off.
If the thread is long, it would snap off.


  1. Hey, D, where in the world are you? I was getting a little tired of reading the long lines, so I thought of tightening it up like this:

    Long talks trail off.
    Long threads snap off.

    This could go for the talks going on in Israel-Palestine (or Israel/Palestine) these days, or at least let's hope not.

    Happy New Year,

  2. Dear D, haha! Yes, yours read more smoothly and elegantly. Happy New Year to you, too! D.