November 07, 2014


Karma-chags-med, Phyag rdzogs zung ’jug (vol. 1, pp. 270–271): rgya nag gi rig ’dzin shrī seng ha dang rgya gar gyi rig ’dzin ’jam dpal bshes gnyen.


  1. Actually, I think somebody made an argument that Shri-sing-ha was a Sogdian. Do you think Karma Chagmé was right and he was Chinese? He could have been a Sogdian in China, I suppose. Is it at all weird that such a person would go around with such a Sanskritic name?

  2. I found Chags-med’s remark remarkable. Śrīsiṃha could have been a Sogdian hanging around in China. By the way, do you happen to know who that “somebody” is/was?

  3. You mean was anyone in China aware of his existence there? On that question, like so many others, I am entirely in the dark.