January 27, 2015


The component klong rdol seems to be suitable as a name of a gter ston, especially as a name of a gter ston, who reveals dgongs gter (i.e. someone for whom: dgongs pa’i klong nas spobs pa’i gter brgyad rdol) but not as a name of dge lugs bla ma, but how come that this dGe-lugs master Klong-rdol-bla-ma came to be called Klong-rdol? Does not Klong-rdol seem to be a misnomer here? Ko-zhul (mKhas grub ming mdzod, p. 89) suggests an explanation. This bla ma is probably called Klong-rdol because he stayed for a long time in the cave of gTsang-pa-rgya-ras situated in a place called sNye-thang-klong-rdol. Aha!


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