November 15, 2015


I assume this is not good news for the Extrinsic Emptyists (gZhan-stong-pa). Of course, only if they believe in the news! Dol-po-pa is considered the Extrinsic Emptyist par excellence. mKhan-chen Ngag-dbang-chos-grags (gZhung chen drug gi ’bel gtam, p. 568), however, reports of what is said to be according to “a reliable narrative account, oral transmission of lineage masters” (kha skad tshad ldan gyi bla ma brgyud pa’i zhal rgyun). That is, Dol-po-pa, after having composed all his works on gZhan-stong doctrine, got converted into the doctrine of Intrinsic Emptiness (Rang-stong) “as a result of licking with great devotion at the dirt of an old garment of Chos-rje-sa-paṇ” (chos rje sa paṇ gyi sku chos snying pa [= sku chas rnying pa?] sku dregs la dad pa chen pos ljags kyis bldags pas).

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