December 20, 2011

ཞེ་ in ཞེ་སྡང་།


One way of finding the etymology of a Tibetan word seems to be to consider various words or phrases that contain it. What could be the etymology of zhe in zhe sdang ("aversion/hatred")? Obviously zhe has the meaning of sems ("mind" or "heart") as in the gSar bsgrigs (s.v.). Cf. expressions such as kha zhe gnyis med ("without there being duality with regard to speech/mouth and mind/heart," i.e. sincere),  zhe ’gras ("animosity," "resentment," etc.), zhe thag pa nas ("wholeheartedly"), zhe ’dod ("desire" or "heart's desire"), zhe khrel ("remorse"), and so on.  

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