December 25, 2011


de’i phyir:

According to dGe-’dun-chos-’phel, de’i phyir (“because of that”) etymologically means de’i rjes su (“after that” or better “following that” and indeed it makes much sense if we understand it as “(logically) following that”) and hence meaning “because of that.” This is also confirmed by its synonym  de’i slad du (“for that reason”), which also etymologically means “after that” or “following that.” Note that slad means “hind part” or “back part” or “after” (Jäschke 1881: s.v.).  See the dGe chos gsung ’bum (vol. 5, p. 74). Compare the German expression: “als Folge davon” and “im Folge dessen.”

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