January 05, 2012


gcod pa:

1. tshar gcod pa. The Sanskrit word nigraha (“subjugation,” “chastisement,” “refutation,” ) has been translated into Tibetan as tshar gcod pa. Etymologically it seems to mean “cutting, chopping, or severing (gcod pa) to completion (tshar).” Cf. tshar bkum = tshar bcad (brDa dkrol, s.v. tshar bkum).
2. srog gcod pa “to cut off life-faculty,” i.e. to kill
3. mtha’ gcod pa, “to trim the edges,” to finalise (e.g. doctrinal positions) 
4. thag gcod pa “to cut the cord/rope,” i.e. to decide, to make a decision
5. rgyun gcod pa “to cut off the continuum,” i.e. to bring something to an end
6. bar du gcod pa “to cut in the middle,” to hinder, hamper, impede, or obstruct
7. chad pa gcod pa, “to exact (lit. ‘cut off’) a fine,” to impose a fine or to punish

Here, too, as elsewhere, it is important to distinguish between those words that are lexicalised and semantically exocentric and non-predictable (i.e. thag gcod pa) and those that are non-lexicalised and semantically endocentric and predictable (i.e. shing gcod pa).

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