January 07, 2012


bro ba:

(A) The intransitive and heteronomous verb bro ba (Jäschke 1881: s.v.) can be used as a verbaliser to build other verbs that express emotions or feelings of some kind (i.e. subjective).

1. gnyid bro ba “to feel drowsy”
2. skyug bro ba “to feel nausea”
3. dri ma bro ba “to sense the smell”
4. dgod bro ba  “to feel like laughing”
5. ngu bro ba “to feel like weeping/crying”

(B) Adjectives expressing qualities that cause the above emotions/feelings can be built by replacing ba with po (i.e. objective):

1. gnyid bro po “drowsy” (i.e. causing sleepiness)
2. skyug bro po “disgusting/repulsive”
3. dri ma bro po “smelly”
4. dgod bro po “funny”
5. ngu bro po “sad, pathetic”

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