January 08, 2012



That the word brang in the following compound means “domicile, dwelling, night-quarters, abode, halting-place” (gnas) has been made clear by Jäschke and dGe-chos:

1. pho brang “castle,” “palace” (Jäschke 1881: s.v.)
2. bla brang “bla ma’s residence complex”
3. gzims brang (Jäschke 1881: s.v. brang)
4. mchis ’brang (Jäschke 1881: s.v.)
5. dkon cog pho brang = gtsug lag khang (brDa rnying, s.v.)

See the dGe chos gsung ’bum (vol. 5, p. 73). Note that in rDzong-kha the halting-place for cows/cattle or or cow/cattle-herds is also called nor byang sa (from nor brang sa) and the same in Tshangs-lha is called wa [= ba] brang sa.

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