February 17, 2012


khyad du:

There are not many words that have the preverb or adverb khyad du. (a) khyad du gsod pa “belittle, deprecate, trivialise” (cf. dka’ ba khyad du bsad “to trivialise or scoff at difficulties”). The etymology of khyad du gsod pa seems to be “to deliberately kill.” (b) khyad du ’phags pa = khyad par ’phags pa {Bod rgya}. (c) khyad du thon pa {Bod rgya}. It is possible that khyad du is a reduction of khyad par du and that initially the two had one and the same meaning. But it seems that the two are no longer interchangeable. For example khyad par du gsod pa and khyad du gsod pa would by no means mean one and the same thing.

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