February 20, 2012

x + མ།

§(a). Actual feminine:
1. dgra bcom ma
2. rnal ’byor ma
3. dge slong ma
4. dge tshul ma
5. dge slob ma
6. dge bsnyen ma
7. btsun ma
8. mna’ ma
9. bag ma
10. chung ma
11. bzhon ma
12. nya ma

§(b). Some special people:
1. bla ma
2. dra ma “learned” (Jäschke 1881: s.v.)
3. slob ma
4. mtshe ma “twin”
6. sdar ma “coward”

§(c). Names of some insects:
1. sro ma
2. grog ma
3. sbrang ma

§(d). Some words that express “spatio-temporal relations” (i.e. as suggested by Dan Martin):
1. gong ma
2. ’og ma
3. snga ma
4. phyi ma
5. slad ma
6. thog ma
7. bar ma
8. dbu ma
9. tha ma

§(e). Some Adjectives: 
1. gsha’ ma
2. tshang ma “complete”
3. gtsang ma “pure”
4. rnal ma “natural, genuine”
5. gnyug ma “natural, genuine”
6. rnying ma “ancient”
7. gsar ma “new”
8. ngo ma “real”
9. du ma “many”

§(f). Names of some body parts:
1. phru ma “placenta”
2. rtsib(s) ma “rib”
3. mkhrig ma “wrist (of the hand)”
3. smin ma “eye-brow”
4. rdzi ma “eye-lashes”
5. rgyu ma “intestine”
6. mkhal ma “kidney”
6. rnga ma “tail”
7. mjug ma “tail”
8. gnyer ma “wrinkles”
9. gra ma “beard (of a corn)” “awn”

§(g). Some secretions of the body:
1. rngu ma “sweat”
2. mchi ma “tears”
3. mchil ma “saliva”
4. ’o ma “milk”
5. dri ma “smell” 

§. Some random collections:
1. nyi ma
2. snye ma
11. gta’ ma
13. sdar ma
14. sder ma “plate”
15. gdung ma

§(h). Names of different entities:
1. rdza ma
2. tshod ma “vegetables, greens”
3. sder ma
4. gdung ma
5. smyug ma
6. gzegs ma
7. tsher ma
8. rdza ma
9. g.yer ma
10. sran ma
11. tshad ma
12. gseg ma
13. skar ma
14. skyo ma
18. tsher ma
19. gro ma
22. sgyu ma
23. phra ma
24. rtsigs ma “sediment” (Jäschke 1881: s.v.)
25. mtshan ma

§(i). The first member/syllable is a verb? 
1. ’dres ma
2. snon ma
3. par ma
4. dris ma
5. spel ma
6. bsto ma “refined”
7. btsas ma “harvest”
8. lhag ma
9. bye ma
10. phyed ma
11. tshub ma “storm, gale”
12. grib ma


  1. DW, Does the -ma as word ending seem to often go with concepts or things that are small, thin, refined, subtle or granular? And sometimes high things? But wait, nyi-ma doesn't work well for that, does it? (Except for the high part.) Is there some way to label the different groups? Sorry I have so many questions this morning. Forgive me. I'm such a nudnik.


  2. Dear Dan,

    By the way many thanks for the Lo-gsar greetings. Blogs are no fun if no one participates. And it is very nice that you come up with all kinds of feedbacks and ideas. I shall try to add a few things in the main-entry field. Happy Lo-gsar to you and Yael!


  3. Right back at you, Dorji-laa! I think it's going to be a good year in some ways at least. I like the sub-headings. I think for (d) you could just call it "spatio-temporal relations." That would cover it pretty well (and would seem to cover quite a lot of territory in general).

  4. Thanks a lot, Dan. I would promptly and gratefully accept your suggestion. :) D.