February 24, 2012

ལྟོ། ལྟོ་བ།

It is quite interesting that the words lto “food, victual” and lto ba “belly, stomach” are obviously cognates. That is, lto is something that goes into one’s lto ba. And in rDzong-kha and Tshangs-lha, lto means both for “(cooked) rice” and “food” or “meal.” 


  1. Not that I think it's relevant here, but I was wondering today where the "to" in sdig-to-can (or just sdig-to) comes from. Any idea? Sdig-to-can is used as an epithet of Mara (as in Bdud Sdig-to-can), usually translated as something like 'evil-doer'.

    I see that Sdig-to is even in the Mahâvyutpatti as equivalent to Sanskrit pātakin.

  2. Dear Dan,

    As always, many thanks for the comments. Let us create one entry for words containing -to (q.v.).