March 28, 2012

x + ཡིག །

There are several dissyllabic compounds, having yig (in compound for yi ge) as the second member. Because yi ge itself could mean a “letter/syllable/phoneme,” “(printed/written) character/script,” “(correspondence) letter,” “inscribed/written text,” “document/record,” “literature,” so on, these compounds can also belong to various semantic categories. Translations provided here are rather rudimentary.

1. dbyangs yig “vowels” (Bod.rgya)
2. ’dogs yig “subscript” (Bod.rgya)
3. ’phul yig “prescript” (Bod.rgya)
4. bod yig “Tibetan language” (Bod.rgya)
5. mgyogs yig “running/cursive script” (Bod.rgya)
6. rgyug yig “running/cursive script” (Bod.rgya)
7. ’khyug yig “running/cursive script” (Bod.rgya)
8. rgyugs yig “test/examination papers” (Bod.rgya)
9. chad yig “warranty” (Bod.rgya)
10. lam yig “guide-book” (Bod.rgya)
11. drung yig “secretary/clerk” (Bod.rgya)
12. tshags yig “agreement?” (Bod.rgya)
13. ’dzin yig “receipt” (Bod.rgya)
14. bsgrags yig “declaration/Communiqué” (Bod.rgya)
15. ’grems yig “announcement” (Bod.rgya)
16. ma yig “master-copy” (Bod.rgya)
17. bu yig “copy” (Bod.rgya)
18. byang yig “inscription on a tablet” (Bod.rgya)
19. bsdus yig “abbreviation” (Bod.rgya)
20. bka’ yig “decree/ordinance” (Bod.rgya)
21. dkrugs yig “cryptogram?” (Bod.rgya)
22. skad yig “language” (Bod.rgya)
23. bca’ yig “(book of monastic, etc.) rules and regulations” (Bod.rgya)
24. gzhung yig “book of laws” (Bod.rgya)
25. khrims yig “legal/penal code” (Bod.rgya)
26. kha mchu ’dums yig “peace-agreement” (Bod.rgya)
27. chod yig “treaty/pact” (Bod.rgya)
28. sgrigs yig “(book of) rules and regulation” (Bod.rgya)
29. bskur yig “epistle/letter” (Bod.rgya)
30. ’phrin yig “epistle/letter” (Bod.rgya)
31. gtong/btang yig “epistle/letter” (Bod.rgya)
32. zhu yig “application” (Bod.rgya)
33. spring/s yig “epistle” (Bod.rgya)
34. brda yig “code” (Bod.rgya)
35. chings yig “treaty/packt” (Bod.rgya)
36. gan yig “treaty” (Bod.rgya)
37. bskungs yig (Bod.rgya) or skung yig. See q.v. (here on our blog).
38. brgyud yig “record of transmission” (Bod.rgya)
39. gsan yig “record [of teachings] heard/received” (Bod.rgya)
40. thob yig “record [of teachings] obtained” (Bod.rgya)
41. gsang yig “secret texts/documents” (Bod.rgya)
42. khrid yig “instruction manual” (Bod.rgya)
43. nyams yig “record of (spiritual) experiences?” (Bod.rgya)
44. tho yig “list” (Bod.rgya)
45. kha yig “title (of a work)” (Bod.rgya)
46. mo yig “divination literature/manual” (Bod.rgya)

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