March 20, 2013


MHTL, no. 12568: rog rgya mon nam shes rab ’od kyi sgyu ’khrul lam rim gyi ṭikka (sic) dang gzhi lam gyi stong thun |

MHTL, no. 12569: de’i gcung rin chen shes rab kyi lam rim che chung dang bshad ’bum sogs mang ste | de gnyis la rog sku mched zer |

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  1. Actually, there were three Rog brothers, important not only for Mahâyoga of Nyingma, but also for various Zhijé and Chö lineages.

    (5a) Rog Shes-rab-'od Lcags-so-can. Aka Rgya-mon. BA dates: 1166-1244. Son of Rog Bkra-shis-grags-pa. He only started teaching after Rten-ne's death. Age 16, he broke off a tooth, hence the nickname 'Iron Tooth.' He taught at Sum-bcu mon. from 1233 onward (Blue Annals, p. 948). Sometimes called Bde-gshegs or Bde-gshegs-chen-po in Zhijé Collection. The passage in the Blue Annals that explains his name is, in the Tibetan, like this: bcu drug pa la tshems chag nas lcags kyi tshems tshab bcug pas mkhas pa lcags so can du grags | slob dpon yam shud dngos grub la mdo sgyu zur lugs lo bcu drug nas nyi shu'i bar du gsan nas nan chags che bar mdzad | der tshogs pa rnams kyis sus kyang rtsod pa ma thub pas sngar mtshan rgya mon zer ba la | yam shud kyis shes rab 'od du btags | I'm interested in the Rgya-mon name. Does that mean "Chinese Dungeon" perhaps? (Just guessing)

    (5b) Zhig-po Nyi-seng, aka Nyi-ma-seng-ge, Rin-chen-shes-rab, younger brother of 5a. Blue Annals gives dates 1171-1245. Met Rten-ne in 1196 (BA 950). He is the author of the Zhi-byed History, the only early history of the tradition.

    (5c) Mkhas-pa Brtson-seng, aka Smra-ba'i-seng-ge, 1186-1247. He was installed as the abbot at Snye-mdo in 1207. In most of the sources, he is the third and youngest brother of Rog Bande Shes-rab-'od.

    The Bshad-'bum title you give there is interesting, since you find this genre term mainly in the Zhijé Collections in my experience, although it seems to refer to collections of a single writer's teachings. There are some instances where it is used for a very long commentarial text.

    Rog Bande's (5a) Grub-mtha' text is supposed to be published very soon in an English translation by José Cabezón.