March 20, 2013


Random Notes on gSan yig:

§. Bu ston gsan yig
§. lNga ba chen po’i gsan yig (4 volumes)
§. gTer bdag gling pa’i gsan yig
§. Kong sprul sprul gsan yig (2 volumes)
§. Zhwa lu lo tsā’i gsan yig (MHTL, no. 10969)
§. …………


  1. You probably know that the contents of the Great Fifth Dalai Lama's Gsan-yig have been put up in a searchable format at TBRC:

    Also, Franz-Karl Ehrhard has recently published an article that is like a key for opening the four treasuries. His essay can be downloaded here, at least at this moment:

    He makes references to works by Martin and Cuevas that could be useful for compiling a very long list of Gsan-yig / Thob yig. I think at least 50 titles, probably more.

  2. Dear Dan,

    I did a test-search in

    but certainly I am doing something wrong. I searched for rong zom (with and without inverted commas, also in Tibetan script) but I do not seem to get a single result although I know that the name occurs there. What am I doing wrong? I do get either one of the syllables but never rong zom.



  3. Strange, I had a similar experience. I thought it was just me. Maybe the TBRC guys need to look into this apparent malfunction.