April 01, 2013


The story of spre’u and brag srin mo is very popular. What would be the oldest source of the story? Anyway (re)narrated in the Ka khol ma, Nyang ral chos ’byung (pp. 141ff.), and so on. Actually it is a love story, isn’t it? Brag-srin-mo was desperately in love with sPre’u. He had, however, no guts to decide for himself. Or, he was too much of a goodie goodie type. She did not give up and he finally had to give in. But not before getting permission from his “father,” so to speak. The “father” did give his blessing and they finally got married and lived happily ever after.


  1. I thought your very odd spelling of the main entry was just an April Fools joke, and that you would take it down, but now it's been up there two months, and I still see this sbrag with an 's' on top of it? Then there's the grun-chen in place of grub-chen, in the main entry right next to this one. What's up with this? This web comment is about to self-destruct!

  2. Dear Dan, the bad news is that I am becoming, so to speak, “orthography-blind.” (You may have only heard of “colourblind” thus far.) There are many good news. Let me mention just one. I prefer to express this in German: Ich übersehe den Schreibfehler, Du siehst den sofort (wenn Du den ansiehst), und ich sehe meinen Schreibfehler sofort ein!

    Thank you and now am off to Leipzig for a conference.