January 20, 2014

འབྲལ། དབྲལ། ཧྲལ། རལ། ཧྲུལ། རུལ།

Just a quick note before I forget it. Surely ’bral ba (“to be torn asunder,” “to fall apart,” “to become separate”) is a intransitive-cum-heteronomous verb, which is to be compared with the transitive-cum-autonomous dbral ba (“to pull [something] apart,” or, “to tear [e.g. two persons or things] apart.” The meaning of dbral ba (i.e. dbrol ba’i ’das pa dang ma mongs pa) is not quite satisfactory. Perhaps hral ba (perhaps as a verb “to be in bits and pieces,” o, “to be torn”) and ral ba (“to be torn,” and hrul po (“to be tattered” or “to be in tatters”), and rul ba (“to rot,” “to be rotten,” or, “to decay”) may all be somehow connected: “to tear” or “to be torn and worn out.” But of course, I don’t commit myself to any of these yet.

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