February 20, 2014


Usually one simply calls pa sangs (“Venus, Friday”) but its full form occurs as pa ba sangs, giving an impression of some kind of etymology but what kind? Something like “to be clear of pa ba”? What would be pa ba?

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  1. Not sure about the what "pa ba" or "pa" means here, but in any case, it is a translation of the Sanskrit "śukra", which is derived from the verb "śuc", to purify. That is where the "sangs" comes from, at least. In Bhanuji Dikshita's commentary on the Amarakosha, it seems he gives two derivations:

    1) "maheśvaraśukradvārān nirgatatvāc, chukraḥ" "since he came out of the semen ? (śukra) of Maheśvara, he is called "śukra."

    2) śocayati, "he purifies", (thus he is called "śukra")