May 30, 2014


Did you know the Tibetan word for bedbug is ’dre shig and that it actually means “monster/demon (or monstrous/demonic) louse.” Jäschke has it as “devil’s louse.”


  1. Well, D, if a khyi-shig is a flea, this is starting to make sense. It's a kind of lousy bug that especially tortures the 'dre spirits. You know that William Blake in one of his more famously intense moments drew a portrait of a "flea ghost," by which I guess he meant the ghost of a dead flea.

    But with this 'dre-shig we have a "ghost flea" - and that has to be a animal of a different stripe. I didn't know this word existed, but it should come in handy when I'm in the U.S. where they say bedbugs are spreading like wildfire. Better run. I feel an itch coming on.

  2. Dear D, haha! Finally a sign of life from you after a dead long silence. Hope all is well with you. See you soon.