March 18, 2012


Some Types of Commentaries:

1. don ’grel “commentary on the meaning/sense” (Bod.rgya)
2. tshig ’grel “word-for-word commentary” (Bod.rgya)
3. ’bru ’grel “syllabic commentary” (Bod.rgya)
4. dka’ ’grel “commentary on difficult points” (Bod.rgya)
5. sgrung ’grel “anecdotal commentary” (not in Bod.rgya)
6. rang ’grel “auto-commentary” (Bod.rgya)
7. mchan ’grel “annotated/interlinear commentary” (Bod.rgya)
8. rgya cher ’grel “extensive commentary” (Bod.rgya)
9. bsdus ’grel “synoptic commentary” (Bod.rgya)
10. rnam ’grel “commentary” or “detailed commentary” (Bod.rgya)
11. dgongs ’grel “commentary” or “exposition” (Bod.rgya)
12. gzhung ’grel “commentary on a treatise” (Bod.rgya)
13. yang ’grel “sub-commentary” (Bod.rgya)
14. bka’ ’grel “commentary on the scriptures” (Bod.rgya)
15. rgya ’grel “Indian commentary” (Bod.rgya)
16. bod ’grel “Tibetan commentary” (not found in the Bod.rgya)
17. zhib ’grel “detailed commentary” (Bod.rgya)
18. ming ’grel “commentary on (proper) names?” (Bod.rgya)

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